What is Mainframe & AS400 Managed Service?

Recently, tight budgets and a shortage of mainframe & AS400 system programmers are making it difficult for organizations to install, upgrade and maintain in-house.

This means that it is becoming more expensive and less efficient for companies to maintain their mainframes & AS400s. Switching off of mainframe, however, is not a viable option either due to equipment costs.

Calance provides full service, end-to-end support. Mainframe managed services provide the following:
  • System Support
  • Development Support
  • Application Maintenance 
  • Disaster Recovery


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System Support

By assuming the responsibility of planning, installing, customizing and maintaining z/OS environments remotely, your in-house resources will be free to focus on your core business.

This service supports z/OS installation, conversion and migration. This includes performance tuning and capacity planning of z/OS systems. 

System support gives a customized interface with applications to take advantage of new functions to cover multiple environments including:

  • Upgrading and migrating z/OS system software (via IBM ServerPac or CBPDO)
  • Installing and upgrading IBM and OEM software
  • Configuring and managing LPARs
  • Configuring and managing Sysplex
  • Developing and maintaining z/OS or other product exits
  • Integration-testing new products with existing applications and user procedures
  • Determining problems and interfacing with IBM or OEM vendors for solutions
  • Performance-tuning system wide to meet required levels of service
  • Capacity planning and automating operations
Systems programming helps align business goals with IT to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Development Support

Development provides maintenance support for existing applications. It also allows for new designs and applications to be built. 

When looking for development support, it is important to find a provider with experience in online applications as well as batch processes. For online applications, look for providers that are knowledgeable in the CICS Platform, DB2, IMS, and the VSAM table as these are important areas for development. 

Besides system expertise, it is important to find a provider proficient in business analytics and project management. A business analyst will collect customer requirements from the end-user and provide detailed specs to developers to satisfy said requirements. A project manager will manage large scale mainframe project from inception to deployment and keep the project in scope and on schedule.

Calance is recommended for a fully robust development team for your mainframe.

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Application Maintenance

Many companies invested a lot of time and money to build robust in-house business applications utilizing Mainframe & AS400 languages and technologies.

The Calance team has the knowledge and experience in both legacy code and modern technologies and can assist you in leveraging your own legacy code and data to expose to new users and platforms. We can also help you make your legacy data available to mobile users.

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Disaster Recovery

Keeping your Mainframe & AS400 system up and running is paramount. No company can afford to have their system down for any extended length of time due to cost implications.

The more time wasted getting the Mainframe or AS400 up the more money it costs. A company needs to have a team that can get the system up and the business cycle working fast after a disaster has occurred.

Doing this requires experience, both in creating a Disaster Recovery Plan and in executing that plan and a team that works closely with the Applications Development to insure that backups being restored will match the system's backup. This is the kind of experience you need to have a successful recovery after a disaster.

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Why Outsource Your Managed Service to Calance?

Calance efficiently manages mainframes & AS400s to:

  • Lower costs
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Eliminate need for specialized work force
  • Increase longevity of resources 


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