Project Controls Integration


Integrating Construction Management Software with Accounting Systems can be challenging. Calance uses its purpose built integration platform, Dimension, to quickly and efficiently establish Project Controls Integrations. Using our team and our Dimension platform will lower your integration risks, accelerate implement, and provide for ongoing updates and improvement to your integration solution.


Procore + JD Edwards

Sync Jobs and Projects, Suppliers and Vendors, Accounts and Cost Codes between systems. At the project level link project dollars for accurate forecasting in Procore. This includes all budgeted, committed, and actual dollars. 


Procore + MRI Software

Sync Jobs, Phases, Cost Codes, and Vendors. At the project level link project dollars for accurate forecasting in Procore. This includes budgets, commitments, and actual costs. 


Procore + Xero Accounting



Procore + PeopleSoft 

Sync Projects and Vendors and have a robust mapping of Chartfields and Cost Codes. At the project level we tie together all project dollars including budgets, commitments, and actuals to ensure accurate forecasting. 


Procore + Sage Insurance

Global Vendor Insurance links Vendor-level insurance in Sage with Global Company Insurance in Procore and send information from Procore back into Sage. Project Insurance when creating insurance at the project level in Procore, the integration will find all commitments in Sage and update the insurance to match Procore.

PM Web + PeopleSoft

COMING SOON - December 2018. 

Calance was founded in 2004 by Amit Govil, a former executive at Sapient and Accenture, around the idea of creating lasting alliances with customers, and a belief that fostering entrepreneurship and building true partnerships with clients was the key to unlocking endless possibilities for value creation.

Over the years Calance has grown organically and has acquired a series of complimentary IT Services along the way. As a result, the company today is a mix of diverse cultures, talents, and expertise that collaborate globally to bring our best capabilities and thinking to clients.


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The integration of ERP data enables us to effectively manage the cash flow of a $1.2B project in Procore. Calance has provided world class assistance to BCH to make this integration process go as seamlessly as possible, and they are a pleasure to work with.

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